Facing tile made of natural stone

Ceramic tileWhen building facades is important to consider not only its appearance, but also strength. This will help you  wall tiles made of natural stone. To purchase the products of different configurations you can already at attractive prices directly from the manufacturer - the company Sunrise.

For facade decoration materials strict requirements:

  • resistance to gusts of wind;

  • protection walls, heat and waterproofing;

  • resistance to UF-rays;

  • high strength, equates to the bearing structure elements.

Tiles of natural stone like no other material meets these criteria. There are solid (gabbro, granite, labradorite) and soft (dolomite, onyx, serpentine, shell, marble) rocks stone .

Solid rock differ high levels of moisture and frost resistance, wear resistance, durability and are suitable for cladding:

  • facades, plinths, entrances;

  • embankments;

  • fountains;

  • outdoor swimming pools;

  • memorial complexes ;

  • urban monuments;

  • floors and steps with increased traffic.

Tiles softwood less resistant to harmful environmental influences, however used for finishing interior elements within the object:

  • floors, walls and internal steps and stairs;

  • columns in major shopping centers and country houses;

  • bathrooms;

  • indoor pools;

  • saunas.

Our catalog presents a variety of models of high quality tiles at an affordable cost. The right choice will help you to our competent managers.

Ceramic tile price

Ceramic tile priceProducts made of natural stone, including wall tiles, the price of which will delight kazhdogologe have the following quality characteristics:

  • Maximum frost resistance - up to 650 cycles;

  • low porosity - less than 3%;

  • high density;

  • unique structural and textural characteristics;

  • presence pattern.

These indicators are decisive in choosing tiles for exterior and interior cladding.

Ceramic tile, the price of which depends on the processing method, weight, size and shape, on request goes one way of processing: polishing, heat treatment, sawing.

Granite tiles - this is the optimal solution for those who appreciate the uniqueness, longevity and wealth. This product is suitable for the realization of various design ideas and sophisticated architectural solutions. A wide palette of colors will make any building unique and unique. It permitted the development of the appearance of the tiles combine several colors.

Buy Tiles

Buy TilesIn the catalog of our company, you can already buy Tiles of presented options ready. If you can not find the right kind of products, please contact our qualified personnel for a particular order. Be sure to specify the desired size, shape, weight and color products. On the cost of the order will affect the place of extraction of natural stone.

For tiling invite only professionals who have more than one year working with natural stone. Buy Tiles enough, it is important to know how to perform the decoration of facades or any other object. Two ways tile fixing is commonly used: for adhesive or mechanical means.

Sunrise company for many years engaged in professional processing of natural stone products made from it. We offer favorable conditions for cooperation, high product quality and attractive prices.


Buy facing tile

Ceramic tile

to the requirements of modern building materials are becoming more stringent. Each of us would like to get high-quality surface that corresponded to all the requirements and has served as long as possible. That's why construction companies once again turned their attention to the natural stone. One striking example of its use is the wall tiles from natural stone. It allows you to get the original, beautiful, strong and durable finish that will protect the walls of your home.

Why use this material

Tiles of natural stone plate is a thin natural material which have received all the positive qualities of the substrate. There are numerous varieties of stone that have different properties. Correspondingly, wall tiles of natural stone is used for various purposes, such as:

  • Decorating the walls of houses. To give a new view of the facade can be in many ways. But do not just pick up the material because of its beauty. To date, one of the most important criteria of energy efficiency can be considered. Facing tile made of natural stone is very badly passes the heat. Thus, you can save on heating and enjoy the coolness even in the hottest time. In this case, wall tiles made of natural stone - it is a beautiful material that will satisfy anyone.
  • Finishing pools. Permanently moisture - this is the most critical factor in this case. Ceramic tile, which price may seem high, will last much longer than counterparts. Thus, you will be able to save even.
  • Jewelery embankments, fences, etc. Ceramic tile, the price on our website is very affordable, you can create a beautiful natural look. Thus it can easily tolerate the action of wind, precipitation, temperature fluctuations etc.

Fields of application of this material is very wide, because it has unique properties. Facing tile, the price of which will justify itself, may have a completely different color, shape and texture. No analogue can not look like a natural wall tiles. The price of any other material is not much lower, to consider it a serious advantage.

How to choose the right tile for your goals

A large variety of stone produces an ideal material for virtually any environment. It also affects the cost of production. Do not forget that the wall tiles, the price of which may be very different, and is used for various purposes. On our site you can buy any type of wall tiles. Conventionally, all materials can be divided into two main categories:

  • Solid rock. The best materials for outdoor use. You can buy wall tiles of this type if you plan to decorate the walls of your home or create a beautiful park complexes. The most outstanding representatives can be considered granite products.
  • Soft rock. Buy facing tile of this type is best for interior decoration. The cost of this material is much smaller. In addition, if you choose to buy wall tiles made of soft stone, you can choose from a large variety of colors and patterns.

Carefully select materials for their own purposes. If you are unsure what kind to buy tiles, then please contact our online support site. Selection of exterior materials simply because hardwood is much smaller, can not be said about the tiles for interior decoration.

Properties softwood stones and the selection of tiles for internal use

Buy wall tiles simply for interior decoration. Most importantly, the right to choose the base material. The most popular stones are:

  • Marble. Ideal for any occasion. However, to buy Tiles marble can not all, because of its high cost.
  • Onyx. Very beautiful stone that can be of several colors. It can be a perfect substitute of marble, because it has a similar texture. Buy Facing tile made of this stone can be for the bathroom, swimming pools and all similar facilities.
  • Rakushnjak. Sedimentary rock, which has a very original picture, so it can be used to create a very original themed interior.

We offer you to buy Facing tile made of different types of stone. On the website you will find a complete directory submissions. We can help you find and buy the tile facing the most suitable type. It is enough to specify the scope of application, the desired pattern and color. On this basis, our managers will help you to choose the finishing material.