granite slabs

granite slabsIn industry and construction have a huge list of different terms of which people have heard enough. For example, granite slabs (often slabs) are large plate-blanks of natural stone for further processing and produce a final product of granite. Buy boards, you can already at an affordable price directly from the manufacturer - the company Sunrise.

Downhill natural rocks are extracted from quarries in the form of large blocks of stone. Their initial appearance is not all pleasant, but after they are sent to the production plant. There they are processed, sawn, sanded and turn into slabs.

In other words, the granite slabs - a semi-finished products, which are used for the birth of a variety of products made of granite. Based on the needs and wishes of the client, our masters will select a suitable type of granite for a specific order. Slabs are suitable for the production of the following products:

  • unusual large slabs for the flooring;

  • Internal steps in areas of heavy traffic of people: the subway, shopping centers, offices;

  • window sills, railings;

  • countertops;

  • mantel shelves.

A huge demand for granite slabs for the manufacture of kitchen worktops. We will find you a suitable color of granite slabs to complete the kitchen design.

Buy granite slabs

Buy granite slabsThe larger the initial block of stone, the more he will make a granite slab. Buy granite slabs can be of different sizes.

Products average sizes reach a length of 3 m, a height of 120 cm and a thickness - 20-30 mm. But for the production of complex products matched to slabs 150 mm thick. Remember that the construction of the perimeter granite jagged. And in the parameters of the product is always indicated dimensions of usable area, rather than the size of a whole.

In the catalog of our company you can buy granite slabs, which are one or more types of treatment, namely:

  • thermal - plate receives anti-slip characteristics;

  • Polishing - thanks to this treatment, see the whole beauty of the figure;

  • buchardirovanie - used hammers;

  • grinding - on a special machine;

  • milling - 3d-imparting surface effect;

  • polishing - complete lack of gloss, which adds to the practicality of the product;

  • sawing - appears rough surface with mechanical image;

  • Antique - giving the kind of "antique".

In contrast to the cladding tiles, slabs are always larger in size and weight, and other characteristics - are two similar material. Given this fact, slabs require a special approach to transport.

Granite slabs: Price

Granite slabs: PriceSlab granite is considered to be not only the usual blank, but the largest and facing a seamless material. It is advisable to apply on large areas. So you get a nice, continuous and natural image, in contrast to the boards, where image is distorted due to seams.

Granite slabs, the price which will surprise you in our catalog, ideal for decorating the kitchen countertops, mantel or a wide window sill indoors.

The only disadvantage of granite slabs is their cost, which is justified due to the long life of the product. For example, the finishing stages of slabs, will cost you a bit more expensive than the use of the facing plates. But if you value the integrity and uniqueness, then give preference to install granite slabs on the subject.

granite slabs price depends on the type of stone, the thickness dimensions. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a qualified company managers Sunrise. You will be told about all the features of the product and choose the most appropriate size of the workpiece for future products.

granite slabs

granite slabs

Today, many small companies and shops engaged in manufacturing a variety of products made of natural stone. We offer you the raw material for your business in perfect shape. On the site you can buy granite slabs at the best price. The product is a large-sized plate. Granite slabs in its essence - is prefabricated. Initially, the material is produced in the form of large lumps. In the future, they are subject to special treatment, as a result, and obtained granite slabs.

What is the peculiarity of our company products

First of all, we should understand that our company is not a mediator. We offer granite slabs own production. Only here you can buy granite slabs:

  • Quality, which do not cause any doubts. Our company is a licensed manufacturer. We can produce all the necessary quality certificates.
  • At the best prices. We offer to buy granite slabs directly from the manufacturer. What is the point to address agents today. Thanks to modern technology, you can order directly from us.
  • Offers goods in any volume. Since you will acquire granite slabs from the manufacturer, you can buy them in any quantity. No more need to wait for products to come to the warehouse agent, simply contact our manager. In addition, we are willing to give discounts to wholesale customers. Thus, you can buy granite slabs, the price of which you will be pleased with.

Thus, our company offers the best conditions for cooperation. We offer our clients to buy granite slabs, which are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials.

The advantages of buying materials in a form

Before each company, which is engaged in manufacturing of stone products, there is a choice in what kind is best to buy material to work with. The cheapest option is to buy directly on the stone quarry. However, these blanks require additional processing. We suggest that you skip the process of creating a semi-finished product and just buy granite slabs. Thus, you do not need to organize the complete production cycle.

Using granite slabs, you will be able to produce:

  • Floor covering for industrial premises and public places. You can simply put the granite slabs in the order you want and create a perfect surface that is easy to withstand severe mechanical loads.
  • Staircases. Granite slabs - is an ideal blank for such a purpose. You just need to cut the material the correct lane and put him. No additional grinding or polishing.
  • Window sills and countertops. Buying granite slabs, which price is very affordable, you can effortlessly create a product that costs three times as much.

We are ready to sell granite slabs, the price of which may be very different. It all depends on the area of ​​product and treatment method which it has passed.

Granite slabs price

The range of semi-finished products from our company

The size of the plates is naturally dependent on the workpiece, which is able to produce in a quarry. In the catalog you will find a variety of granite slabs, the price of which is for a square meter. In addition, our company offers products that have already passed the necessary processing. Thus, we try to make life easier for its customers, because not everyone has the necessary equipment to do so. We offer you to buy granite slabs, the price of which depends on the following treatment methods:

  • Exposure by high temperature gas jet. In such an ideal case, a non-slip surface. The best option for the finishing of floors and staircases. You can buy granite slabs, which price is very affordable.
  • Polishing or grinding. In this way, to obtain the most smooth granite slabs, the price of which you will find more than affordable. Ideal preform for worktops or sills.
  • Milling and polishing. Rough granite slabs, the price of which is completely justified. With their help, you can create three-dimensional figures. That is why the plates are used for the walls.

In addition, there are hand-processing techniques. As a result, it manages to get curly granite slabs, the price of which is high enough. However, you can get the original materials, which feature a unique design and authenticity.

Our company is ready to cooperate with any clients. You can place orders of any size and at the same time, rely on the fulfillment of the obligations on the part of our organization.