Stone products

Stone productsNo one will argue that natural stone has many advantages over their artificial "doubles." Stone products - absolutely exclusive, reliable and durable. Domestic manufacturer Sunrise offers to purchase products for your home, office and garden with natural stone at affordable rates.

This natural stone like granite, does not lose its relevance and gives the products the following benefits:

  • long service life. Stone does not break after 500 hundred years. In this you can see by looking at the ancient columns and sculptures that have survived to the present day;

  • high strength - thanks to the large amount of quartz;

  • Environmentally friendly - granite does not cause allergies, non-radioactive and non-toxic, completely safe in the treatment;

  • resistance to extreme conditions per unit path;

  • water resistance - stone products are authorized for the external facades, embankments, saunas, bathrooms, swimming pools;

  • all possible embodiments textures - used several methods for imparting a stone processing exclusive species;

  • wide color range - allows you to combine colors and create unique products made of stoneon the color scheme. Granite, you will see different shades of red, pink, blue, gray, orange, black, burgundy with dark streaks, white with gray dots;

  • universality - are allowed to be combined with other materials: marble, wood, metal, ceramics, glass. It is used in almost all modern styles of interior: high-tech, modern, Classicism, Baroque.

These undeniable advantages and encourage many buyers to register your home unique natural stone samples.

Buy stone products

Buy stone productsIn the catalog of our company you will find many options for the finished product and can favorably buy stone products . If you are not satisfied with any of the presented products, you can contact our qualified managers for individual orders.

In our company you can buy stone products of the following types:

  • countertops;

  • fountains;

  • sculptures and busts;

  • column;

  • fireplaces;

  • window sills;

  • barelefы;

  • ladders;

  • flooring;

  • facades;

  • balyasynы;

  • furniture.

Offered products for hundreds of years can not be chipping and destruction, resistant to abrasion and compression. Be sure the product for a long time did not require repair. In addition, natural stone does not cause allergic reactions. This is especially important if a family has small children or elderly people.

Stone products - price

Stone products - priceIt's no secret that stone products price is high enough. But do not forget that the natural stone - unique in its texture, color and structure are unique. Therefore, products made of granite prefer clients who appreciate quality, durability, uniqueness and natural beauty.

Despite its high cost, the future will save you a lot of money on repair and restoration products. Granite is resistant to various natural disasters, sudden temperature changes, moisture and frost. Years have shown that granite products have retained their original features and excellent appearance.

Stone products, the price of which depends on the individual requirements of the customer, have a wide color gamut. This allows our skilled designers to design the finished products in any color scheme. At your request we can produce any product desired size and shape.

Granite products - one of the main directions of activity of the company Sunrise, where a team of true professionals in their field. If you are interested in the offer, please contact our managers today. We guarantee high quality of each product at a reasonable price.

Order stone products

Stone products

Stone is used in virtually all areas of construction. Originally from it to build dwellings. After opening a soft and beautiful varieties, it has been applied in the art and decor. Articles of stone, and to date, do not lose their popularity, since they have an excellent appearance and high performance. Thus the scope of the natural material is very wide. Due to its high resistance to aggressive factors, stone products can be mounted, both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of natural material

Many companies talk about how artificial materials can easily replace the stone products. But if you think about the question, what can be easily seen minor tweaks. Nobody says that the analogs have a relatively low lifetime. Can be visually, they do not differ much, but even a small touch lets you immediately notice the difference. Stone products can boast the following advantages:

  • Huge life. To have survived articles of natural stone more ancient times. And this despite the fact that they were constantly in the street in the rain, sun and frost.
  • High strength. Products made of natural stone can easily withstand enormous mechanical loads, so they are used as construction of stages and to create countertops. They are virtually impossible to leave scratches or chips.
  • Beautiful appearance. Figure, which are made of natural stone, it is practically impossible to imitate. If you look closely, you can always tell the difference with the naked eye.
  • A huge variety of colors and textures. Different varieties of natural materials provides a virtually unlimited number of different combinations.
  • Ekologisnot. No cleaner option than natural stone products. The material created by nature itself and practically absorbs harmful substances, making it possible to ensure its safety for human health.

Given the possibilities of modern technologies, our company is ready to offer its customers a full range of services in this area.

Stone products to order

The range of products from our company

Most of the products from our catalog are carried out for each individual customer. This is due not only to the high cost of the material itself, but also a number of other reasons. The most important may be considered that the stone products to order perfectly fit into any interior. Only in this way, it is possible to create an interior that will not have any flaws.

All the stone products to order can be divided into several categories:

  • For outdoor use. These include statues, fountains, monuments, fences and others. Stone products to order of this type, will serve as a great decoration for garden, park, patio, cafe, etc. Our company is ready to take on the order of any complexity. And if earlier for the manufacture of stone products in the order it was necessary to be a sculptor, but nowadays most of the work special equipment.
  • For internal use. By nimu may include railings, windowsills, countertops, etc. Order stone products everyone can, because spending money once you save yourself from having to do the repair for life. Damage the granite structure is practically impossible. When caring for they will serve you and your children.

If you decide to order the stone products, our company will be the perfect choice for you. Professional staff and modern equipment allow us to undertake orders of any complexity. For more information on how to order the stone products, please contact our managers.

Products made of natural stone

What do I need to buy

First of all, you should determine the design, and only then order the products from a stone. Do not forget that it is quite expensive items, so you need to be absolutely sure that what you need. Therefore, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Be the repair plan. If you decide to buy stone products for your space, they must exactly fit into the interior. The same goes for decorations for the garden and park. On the site you can find the approximate examples of our products.
  • To determine the color and pattern of the goods. You can buy products from different types of stone, the main thing to suit your needs.
  • Checkout. Once you know exactly what you need, then you need to buy stone products.

You can buy products of high quality stone delivery to your address. You should understand that to carry heavy and bulky items on their own are unlikely to succeed.