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stone, graniteFor many centuries, it was used granite stone for paving roads. And to date, stone, granite is not lost demand among consumers because of its durability and natural origin. In the catalog of the company Sunrise can today at an affordable price select products for finishing works.

While paving, and is much more expensive than conventional pavement tiles, the price is justified life. Thanks to the beautiful and stylish appearance, paving stones gives a specific road sections or sidewalks special charm, unlike ordinary asphalt pavement.

Granite - a magmatic rock from the volcanic depths, characterized by high strength values. Besides, stone, granite has the following advantages:

  • long service life;

  • high resistance to abrupt temperature changes;

  • the possibility of polishing;

  • moisture resistance;

  • frost.

Granite products are strong and durable, easy to replace in case of any mechanical damage. Stone, granite easy to operate, environmentally friendly, in cold weather and ice can easily tolerate aggressive media, powder in the form of sand and salt.

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Buy stone, graniteOffered stone blocks, depending on the size, has many options for the layout:

  • seam weld;

  • in Extension: wave diagonal;

  • Christmas tree;

  • braid;

  • Dutch;

  • cross;

  • Gothic;

  • well;

  • radial;

  • wave;

  • fan;

  • Lesenka.

Allowed to combine paving of several types and textures of granite. Exquisitely look red and brown goods , which are suitable for city sidewalks and country lanes.

You can buy granite paving stones of high quality at an attractive price. Your choice: elegant antique products or strict granite chamfered perimeter of patterns which will give your project the richness and uniqueness .

Sett is ideal for street design, a long time do not lose their original characteristics. A wide range of textures allows you to choose the best option for a specific design and architectural design. Our qualified experts will help you buy granite paving stones in the optimal solution.  

Stone, granite: the price

Stone, granite: the priceOffered stone, granite, the price which differs based on the processing method is divided into the following types:

  • Chopped - the first, common and inexpensive type of paving stone. Used on footpaths, car parks, parks and trails everywhere, where there is no need for a smooth docking elements. It has jagged and rough edges, correct cubic shape, good adhesion;

  • sawn-chipped - has a beautiful view due face stone processing. It refers to the average price range, is sawn and stab facets;

  • Sawing - smooth on all sides, is used for facing the elite areas (ceremonial areas, city squares, churches, palaces, shopping centers). Laying it turns smooth, virtually invisible seams. If necessary, the product can succumb to heat treatment, which will give a certain roughness pavement. This will prevent unwanted sliding. For the price - the most expensive kind;

  • Deburring - has rounded shape without sharp corners. This is especially important in intensive walking pedestrians. For the price - comparable to sawn stone blocks.

Stone, granite, the price of which depends on the characteristics of texture and structure, is fine- or coarse-grained, depending on the place of origin. Sunrise on the company's website you will find a wide variety of colors products. Our wide range includes several options of products made of natural granite , you can buy that at an affordable price.

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Hardwood stone were used long ago. Often small pieces of stone laid track or roadbed. We all know about the bridge that served hundreds of years. And all because that used granite pavers for them. The disadvantage of such paintings was his roughness. But technology does not stand still. Today, our company is ready to provide high-quality materials to create the perfect cover. Stone, granite, manufactured in our company allows you to create a smooth, beautiful and very durable surface.

The advantages of using natural stone

A significant drawback, according to many, is the high cost of products. But do not forget that the stone, granite has a high performance. The most important of these for the customer are:

  • High service life. Stone, granite was used from ancient times and was used for hundreds of years. And this despite the fact that it laid carriageways. To date, the granite paving stones used for calculations pedestrian areas and lanes. Load in such places is much lower, so the coating will last even longer.
  • Stability to moisture and temperature changes. The most dangerous factor for any material. Getting into the stone, moisture can destroy it, especially at sharp decrease in temperature. Granite pavers has a dense structure that does not allow moisture to get inside the stone.
  • Granite cobbles easily tolerate changes in temperature, since the coefficient of thermal expansion of the stone is equal to zero.
  • Beautiful aesthetic appearance and great variety in colors. You can create a unique pattern, if you decide to buy a stone, granite. In this case, natural stone pattern only emphasize your idea.

Modern technologies allow to carry out additional processing of the coating after it is laid. Granite paving stones can be polished to provide a perfectly flat and almost glossy surface. In this case, the texture of stone will not give legs to slide on it. That is why many people prefer to buy granite paving stones for walkways and sidewalks.

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Examples of design decisions when using our materials

Many people think that to buy granite paving stones can be only in black. In fact, this opinion develops because often we find this gem on the waterfront. In fact, you can buy granite paving stones of different colors. In addition, a special modern treatment allows to significantly expand this list. If you decide to buy granite paving stones on our website, you can create true works of art. Significant diversity also adds the ability to create stones of different sizes of the same shape. This affects how the decorative paving material. Before you buy granite paving stones you must decide how it will be laid. Wizard will offer you the following options:

  • Diametrical. In this case, the stones stacked in circles, allowing you to create a beautiful image with a 3D effect. But in this case, you need to choose and buy granite paving stones. It looks perfect combination of red and black stone.
  • Joint to joint. The most traditional and simple option. Ideal for covering large areas, because it allows you to save money on the wizard.

You can also create a combination of different geometric shapes. To do this, buy granite paving stones of different colors.

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How to choose a paving

The best way out would be an appeal to the professional master. Laying process is rather complicated, so you should not do the work yourself. In addition, the choice can also depend on the cost. Because the material is the same, that a factor affecting the choice of method of processing a stone. Paving stones, which price is quite different, can be processed in the following ways:

  • Skol. The most crude way of processing which preserves the natural look of stone. A very good option for walkways, as it allows to obtain a perfect adhesion to the sole of the shoe. Moreover, such a paving stone, the price is the lowest manager that makes it possible to reduce the cost of repairs.
  • Sawn. Paving stones, the price is high enough. It has smooth edges and allows you to create different patterns.
  • Mixed. Sawn processed only one or two planes.
  • Tumbled. Paving stones, which is the highest price. This is associated with a complex treatment process, which provides a rounded surface. Click to create beautiful patterns and ornaments.

Our company is engaged in manufacturing all types of pavers, and is ready to execute the order of any size.