Monuments from a granite

Monuments from a graniteDomestic manufacturer of Sunrise for many years engaged in professional processing and production of products made of natural stone. Presented monuments of granite have high levels of quality, durability and impact resistance, as well as favorable rates.

You can choose a suitable design of the finished products. If the directory you can not find suitable sites granite contact our specialists for the development and execution of the individual order. We use only natural materials containing no harmful toxic substances and impurities.

All monuments of granite are manufactured using high-tech and modern equipment. Thanks to the special products, our master is polished and refined products in the most remote places. When ordering products from us, high quality low cost of the monument is guaranteed.

Granite monuments: prices

Granite - the most reliable, durable natural stone for the production of the monument. Its service life is more than 200 years. People throughout the ages used granite monuments to perpetuate the memory of the dead.

Due to the good physicochemical properties, granite has the following advantages:

  • dear and noble appearance;

  • moisture and frost;

  • ease of care;

  • Low friability index;

  • high strength .

Granite monuments: pricesGranite monuments, prices which will surprise any discerning client, come in all shapes and sizes. Through the use of modern technologies figured stone, monument we give any outline of various levels of complexity. Granite makes it possible to perform sandblasting images, text and photos. Inflicted sandblasting lettering can not be exposed to UF-rays and weathering.

To set a monument of granite served as long as possible, require simple but regular maintenance.

To do this, follow these rules:

  • Do not use chemical products for dishwashing, kitchen, bathroom and toilet;

  • the extent of pollution, monument wipe with a damp cloth or tissue;

  • a gloss, use wax to a stone;

  • Do not use a brush and metal objects to get rid of spots.

Our company offers to buy or order the granite monuments granite, the price of which will delight you accessibility. We guarantee you high quality products.

Buy Monuments from a granite

Buy Monuments from a graniteIn our catalog you can choose a monument in the following colors:

  • gabbro - black;

  • Labrador - Black with blue inclusions;

  • red;

  • burgundy;

  • gray;

  • dairy and coffee;

  • green.

The most popular type of granite - black gabbro. On its surface fine out any artwork.

Buy Monuments from a granite we always beneficial. Demand are the following combinations of colors:

  • white marble and black granite - look good at the expense of color contrast. Various embodiments of combining: a black and white sculpture stele. There is a possibility of a portrait;

  • red and black granite - a good option: make the whole monument of red stone, and for images or lettering to make a special insert made of black granite;

  • Black and gray granite - looks strictly often used instead of a portrait bust and cast letters. It is worth noting that the cheaper stone gray black granite;

  • white marble and green granite - the most rarely found, but it looks beautiful. Such a combination of colors used for manufacturing Muslim monuments.

Sunrise on the company's website you can buy granite monuments from the shelf at an affordable price . Also, at your request, we will carry out any construction in the desired color scheme.