Curb for paving slabs

Curb for paving slabsProduction of pavement curbs of natural stone is one of the growing areas of our business. As you know, natural stone - a rather durable material, so it is difficult to handle without special equipment.

We only use high-strength natural rock stone, we have a large stock of raw materials, modern production facilities and professional artists. By purchasing the curb for paving slabs in our catalog, you get decent quality at reasonable prices.

Sidewalk curb over other types of similar products (vibrolitevym, concrete curb) has a number of advantages, namely:

  • high strength and wear resistance;

  • resistance to abrupt temperature changes;

  • moisture resistance;

  • wide palette of colors;

  • It does not require additional finishing;

  • resistance to chemicals.

Curb for paving slabs available as one-sided and two-sided (performs the separation function between the two sections).

border Paving

border PavingThe most popular material in the regeneration of the carriageway is the curb Sidewalk . But if it is made of natural stone, the border performs a decorative function. Domestic manufacturer Sunrise offers a wide range of borders made of natural stone at the best price.

Border - a required element when paving roads and alleys, as well as an integral part of the design of adjacent territories. These products prevent the deformation of paving and smearing of the web on the carriageway road section.

Typically, pavement curbs used as:

  • deflector in hazardous areas;

  • separating the element and the pedestrian roadway portion;

  • separating the parts of the lawn walkways;

  • decorative items for landscaping.

Using a sidewalk curb is an economical technique if you want to give the aesthetic appearance of roadside territories. These products are successfully combined with paving stones and tiles, and coloring agents are used in the production of curbs.

Our company produces paving the curb in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. So do not be difficult for you to choose the desired object for optimal appearance of the product. All questions will be answered by our competent managers.

Curb for paving slabs - price

The most aesthetically pleasing and durable material for the curb is granite. It is less prone to various injuries and how, rather than concrete products. It has high resistance to frost, moisture and UF-rays.

Curb for paving slabs, the price of which we have the optimum, made of granite, mined in various fields. Due to the wide range of colors, it fits perfectly into any landscape design. Cost of goods determines the dimensions, weight, and, if available, the radius of curvature. Due to its regular geometric shape, border can be easily mounted.

Buy curb for paving slabs

Buy curb for paving slabsWhen mounting the pavement curb is important to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • mark territory;

  • dig a trench;

  • to prepare a base;

  • set the border;

  • align.

Of the scale range of the company Sunrise Buy curb for paving slabs , you can already at a good value. If in our catalog you can not find a suitable product configuration, you can make the personal order, contact our qualified personnel.

Order a curb for paving slabs


Laying of paving slabs rather complicated process. If the coating will last a very short time to prevent even the slightest error. One of the most important factors is correctly matched curb for paving slabs. This is an important design element that plays not only a decorative role. Construction companies are increasingly recommend the use of restraints in natural stone, as they have a huge number of advantages. Our company is engaged in the supply of this element of the highest quality construction.

Why choose borders so it is important to

Border tile for paving is a long rectangular block of high strength. Since the element is used on the street and carries severe stress, it must have a high wear resistance. Do not forget that the curb Sidewalk is not only a limitation. It is needed for:

  • Protection tiles from damage. Very often the curb, sidewalk, used at the crossroads of footpaths and carriageway. Zoom in on the tile transport will lead to rapid destruction of the entire web. Sidewalk curbs should keep it and withstand a lot of almost any vehicle.
  • Holding tile paintings from the spread. Tiles must be laid on a compacted sand. This method allows you to quickly obtain reliable coverage. But when the temperature drops and constant humidity tiles will expand, so Sidewalk border serves as a frame for the entire web.
  • Decoration and zoning of individual paintings. Sidewalk curbs, which you can buy from us will be the perfect frame for your coverage.

Our company is engaged in delivery of natural stone products. These building materials are practically eternal. That is why the pavement curbs, which you can buy from us, is characterized by high performance.


Natural stone and its advantages

Many people think that buying a pavement curbs of natural stone - it's too expensive. Yes, the material is somewhat more expensive counterparts, but provide higher performance. Do not forget that the life of this structural element depends on the integrity of the tile paintings. We offer our customers products of high rocks. If you decide to buy pavement curbs of natural stone, you get:

  • Water-resistant product. The big problem of artificial analogues - a high degree of porosity. Given the serious changes in temperature and humidity, it leads to rapid destruction of the product inside. Natural curbstone has a dense structure and simply pushes moisture away.
  • The strength and wear resistance. The expression "lasting and eternal as the stone" is justified. Natural border stone can serve for centuries. Setting it one time, you will get rid of the problems associated with the laying of tiles.
  • Beautiful appearance. Sidewalk curbs, which you can buy from us, has a great figure and does not require an additional clearance.
  • Resistance to aggressive agents. This quality allows the use of components in the industry.

Sidewalk curbs, which you can buy from us, has a huge number of colors. Each client will be able to find the right product to him. Beautiful appearance and high performance make these products more popular in the market.

Buy curb Sidewalk

The advantages of cooperation with our company

We are engaged in the sale and supply of natural stone for many years. During this time we managed to create a modern enterprise. Turning to us, you can order the curb for paving slabs of dense natural stone rocks. You can also count on:

  • The high level of customer service. Our consultants will help you order the curb for paving slabs in the right amount and the right color.
  • Timely product delivery. Buy curb for paving slabs from a stone - is half the battle. All products have a very heavy weight, so do not count on the fact that you can pick up the order yourself. This requires a special transport and experienced team of movers.
  • Execution of the order of any size. Our warehouses are always a large number of raw materials, so you can buy the curb for paving slabs in any quantity.

Also, we guarantee high quality of all products. Think about exactly what you should buy the curb Sidewalk. If you save this element, you can incur large financial losses in the future. That's why we recommend that you buy curb paving from natural hard stone. In this case, you will be able to significantly extend the life of the entire tile sheet.